sordid gazing globe
friends gather round
high noon hours gone
reflecting pools, moon aglow
Mad King Ludwig
starts the ball, whirling
gowns, curtsy and bow.

Wagner’s Faust resounds
sounds of mythic status
suicide pacts
dangerous acts
pertaining to the devil
who but shows
God arrives with gavel.

Her rose petals
shower the floor
Marguerite steps so gently
what she wants
doesn’t have to be over
what she has
doesn’t have to be all.

God self-assured
alone, He waits at the door
He waits and never sleeps
hears footsteps creep
ever so closely, she approaches
trepidation and fear
in her throat.

winter garden
friend us now
give us faith to trust
forgiveness, reconciliation
bring forth good
gifts to bring my lover
shower him with my grace.